All Year Square

Author: Betsy Morgan
Copyright 2005, Willing Hands Needlework

Updated: April, 2006
21 hours

I am stitching this piece over six months with four (or five :) friends as a stitch along. Eventually, it will be a cube with a place for the small Premax scissors.

January - Winter panel
8.5 hours
I added a crest and black eye to the cardinal (rather than the charted gold eye...cardinals have black eyes!).

February - Autumn panel
7.5 hours
I had to restitch all the green after I had kit had "Granny Smith Green" and "Olive Green" switched, and the "Granny Smith" looked way too neon!

April - Top of box
5 hours
We had a little break in the SAL. I think I'm the only one "on track" right now.

May - Spring panel
I stopped tracking time...
There were no directions on what colors/stitches the butterflies were supposed to be made with, so I just winged it. (groan!)

June - bottom of box - no picture, because all I did was outline with the double backstitch. I wasn't going to spend any more time doing the initials/year on the bottom...'cause it's the bottom!! You'll notice that the "H" on the Spring panel is in bright pink. I'll do the "L" on the Summer panel in bright pink, too...and there you have my initials!